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Frequently Asked Questions

1  I’d like to create an online account. How to I go about that and how long is the approval process before I can access the website and place orders?

2  Are any of your products customizable?

3  Do you carry sugar free or low calorie products?

4  Do I have to order a Starter Kit to begin selling Astor chocolate bars or snacks?

5  Do you carry any impulse retail items I can feature in my Coffee Bistro area?

6  Do you carry products for Catering, Back of the House, and other general F&B needs?

7  I am interested in sending an Astor chocolate gift box to my clients; can you drop ship directly to my client list?

8  Do you offer other items not featured on the Astor website?

9  I have a special event on a certain date and must ensure that the products deliver in time; how do I go about that?

10  Is there a minimum order requirement?

11  What is the general turnaround time for an order?

12  Shipping and Summer Special Handling Inquires

13  How are your products delivered to my location?

14  How are chocolate shipments sent during summer months?

15  How long does the insulation last?

16  At what temperature do shipments start requiring insulation?

17  What States generally have longer warm weather seasons and are thus more affected by higher freight charges?

18  Can I set up a direct truck to deliver my order at a reduced cost?

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